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[2022] Ruhuna FBOP

[2022] Ruhuna FBOP

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This time I bought directly from the tea garden.

There are two types of RUHUNA with different leaf grades.

⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱⋰ ⋱ Appraisal comments in 2022

It has a deep sweet scent like burnt sugar, and you can feel the thickness of a flowery (containing a lot of sprouts). The tea leaves are large and very beautiful. It feels luxurious and even elegant. It's a gem that I'd like you to eat with black tea.

FBOP is an abbreviation for "Flowerly Broken Orange Pekoe".

It is a tea leaf that contains many sprouts of leaves. When it contains sprouts, it becomes thicker and has a deep sweetness and richness, making it very fragrant.

Leaf size is larger than BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe).

It's a rare black tea, so please enjoy it with black tea.

Internal capacity 100g
tea leaf shape FBOP
steaming time 4-5 minutes
how to enjoy black tea

[RUHUNA Ruhuna]

Ruhuna tea is produced mainly in the Sabaragumwa district in southern Sri Lanka. Ruhuna is not an actual place name, but the name of one kingdom when Ceylon was once divided into three kingdoms (Hipiti, Maya and Furna). At an altitude of 200 to 400 meters, it is cultivated in the lowest place among low-grown teas, and banana and coconut trees are planted together in the tea garden, which is unique to this area.
Because the temperature is always high, the leaves grow well, and the size of the tea leaves is nearly twice that of high-grown tea leaves. Twisting the fresh leaves during the tea-making stage produces more leaf juice than smaller tea leaves, resulting in stronger fermentation. The finished tea leaves are very black in appearance and are characterized by heavy astringency, sweetness and smoky aroma.

customer's voice

(横浜市 T・Rさん)



(厚木市 M・Sさん)



一般的なセイロン茶と違って、甘い香り。 FBOPおいしい!


こんなに美味しいルフナ初めてです。 サンプルを頂いてからリピしています。 ブラックでもミルクティーでもいけますよ。

埼玉県 T・Nさん)




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