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[Cool delivery] Masala-sensei's rich pudding 4 pieces (purchase target product)

[Cool delivery] Masala-sensei's rich pudding 4 pieces (purchase target product)

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Free shipping for purchases of 11,000 yen (tax included) or more!

*This is a sales page for a set of 4 puddings.

It takes 5 to 7 business days to ship as it is made after you place an order.

★Price includes refrigerated delivery fee (220 yen).

When specifying the date and time, please specify after 7 days from the order date.

※The image is an image.

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[Products to be purchased]

You cannot order only this item.

Please order 100g to 300g of tea leaves together.

* Since tea leaves cannot be refrigerated, they will be shipped separately (Nekoposu mail posted in the post) .

The postage of the cat POS service should be free .

* Up to 300g can be shipped by Nekoposu.

-------------------------------------------------- -------

•••• Sensei Masala's rich pudding •••••

Thoroughly stewed with our original spices

Popular menu with masala milk tea as pudding.

Finally ready to ship! !

For pudding with a chewy texture with spices

The special sweet and thick milk sauce spreads in your mouth.

We don't use any preservatives, so you can enjoy it with confidence.

Please spend a wonderful tea time with tea ♪

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〇 About the product

Masala Sensei's rich pudding ... 4 pieces set

Attached milk sauce・・・・・・4 pieces

This is a bottled product. It will be shipped by refrigerated delivery, so please put it in the refrigerator as soon as it arrives.

-------------------------------------------------- ----------

〇 about shipping

Since each item is handmade, it will take several days to ship.

  • Since it will be sent by cool delivery, it will be shipped separately from the tea leaves.
  • The cat POS service that ships the tea leaves will be free shipping .

  • It will take 5-7 business days to ship as it is made to order.
  • If you want to specify the date and time, please do so after 7 business days from the date of your order .
  • We would like to deliver to as many customers as possible, so please order up to 1 set per person .
  • We will inform you on SNS such as Instagram and Twitter at the time of resale.


〇 About purchased products

Please order 100g to 300g of tea leaves from the tea leaf page.

Blend tea is also subject.

The tea leaves will be shipped separately from the pudding by "Nekoposu", which is posted in the post.

*If you purchase only pudding, we will cancel it here.


〇Raw materials

Black tea, pasteurized milk, brown sugar from Okinawa, gelatin, spices

〇 Storage period

Refrigerate: about 3 days

-------------------------------------------------- -

We have also prepared a cute cardboard box for you.

It is perfect for presents ♪

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

☎0466-26-4340 (Closed/Tuesday/Wednesday)

customer's voice


お店だと数量限定で完売していて・・・どうしても食べたくてたまらなくなりオンラインで注文しました。 家族も喜んでいたので、良かったです。 オンラインなら、必ず食べられることが分かりました(笑)


敬老の日の贈り物で注文しました。 初めて食べる美味しさ!と喜んでもらえたので、これに決めて良かったと思いました。 少し早めに予約したほうがよさそうです。 オーダーしてから作ってくれるそうですよ!

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Notice to customers

Thank you very much for your patronage of the tea specialty store Dimbura.
Two years have passed since my father, Takeshi Isobuchi passed away.
"Tea Isobuti Company", which my father founded, and our shop "Tea Specialty Shop Dimbura" have different business owners and have no relationship at all.
Dimbura, a tea specialty store, imports and sells black tea independently following the wishes of my father.
In addition, the name "Isobuchi" has taken on a life of its own, and I am very puzzled by the fact that there are so many products related to black tea.
It seems that there are many similar products on the market, so please be careful.
Best regards