UVA. ハプタレ茶園の学校からお便り

UVA. Letter from Haputale Tea Plantation School

Children of UVA's Tea Plantation - Overjoyed > Letter of Gratitude from the School

Yesterday, I received a letter from Uva's Haputale Tea Plantation School.

Thank you for visiting us last month and for giving the children books and school supplies.

“The children seem to be excited and happy. Parents who work at the tea plantation are so busy making a living that they could not give the children school supplies.”

It seems that there were many children who had so many school supplies for the first time in their lives. . . . . .

They must be using a single pencil hundreds of times more importantly than we do.

I would like to cherish the tea that they made by hand just like that feeling.

Chaen has thanked me many times in this way, but this is where I want to say "thank you" because it reminds me of something I've forgotten. . . . . .

I drink a lot of Uva tea.

It's such a sunny day and tea is delicious this weekend . . .

If you look up at the sky, it's the same blue as Uva's Haptare. . . . . . . Principal of Uva Haputale Elementary Schoolletter from the principal

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