Pudding プディング とっておき生活通信

Pudding Pudding Special life communication

Pudding Pudding (lifestyle communication)

Did you know Isobuchi's tea column?

The February 3rd issue of Pudding has my "Tea Story" section.

Since this is Vol 14, the series has already progressed considerably.

Every time, I post tea stories such as new ways to drink tea, ways to enjoy tea, tea health methods, even diet, and sometimes travel episodes of tea countries I have traveled to.

Ms. Mari Takahashi of Pudding Editorial Office has been a tea drinker since the first issue.

He often comes to Dimbula's Sunday tea time, tea seminars and lectures in various places.

Tea knowledge is a boy in front of the gate, and it may be considerable.

If I don't send a good manuscript, it might end up being Mr. Takahashi's column. . .

I'll do my best. .

Please let me know.

Please click here for the latest issue of Pudding. Pudding Vol29The Story of Isobuchi Tea

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