NHK Yokohama Broadcasting Station ... Yokohama Arts Theater ... Yamashitacho

NHK Yokohama FM · Live broadcast from the new studio yesterday at Yokohama Arts Theater! NHK The newly built Yokohama Arts Theater in Yamashita-cho has NHK Yokohama Broadcasting Station on the first floor. Yesterday there was a live broadcast of "Takeshi Isobuchi's Twilight Tea" at the new studio. . . . . . The studio is on the second floor, and from there you can see the entrance hall through the glass window. There is a big monitor in the hall, and the state of the studio is projected. Of course I can't watch it... If you come to visit us, you can also see the state of the studio on the monitor. Please come by all means! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Next broadcast will be on Tuesday, January 4, 2011 We are always looking for letters FAX NO.045- 212-4887
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