NHK's Food Color Romance, serialized 3 times from July, scent of tea

Shokusai Romance July issue: Fragrance of tea

From this month, a series of articles about the scent of black tea will start in "Shokusai Roman".

This time it is 106 pages. In the middle of the series, we also have a 10-page special feature.

I plan to shoot that on Tuesday this week. I had a lot of wisdom on how to express the scent in the picture. . .

In his book "Black Tea Blend" MC Press , he makes many proposals about new aromas of black tea produced from blends.

It's not difficult at all, it's a way to create your own taste and aroma in tea.

As a trial, try putting herbs, seasonal fruits, spices, etc. that you see everywhere now in tea and give it a try.

Anyway, please read "Shokusai Roman"!

Shokusai Roman July issue, Black Tea Fragrance, serializationThe text is written by Mr. Genkawa, a writer who is familiar with black tea.

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