NHKからいただいたラジオ! 役立っています

Radio from NHK! Helpful

I remembered "Before Tea Time" it's a radio The radio is about 20cm tall. Twenty-three years ago, my maiden work "Before Tea Time" was featured on NHK, and I was able to appear on NHK Radio Hello Good Day, My Bookshelf, and TV's "Kurabe Miteba". . This is the radio I received at that time. Actually, I had hardly used it, and it was left in the bookshelf. . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Of course I'm listening to NHK! I've been to NHK's radio center many times and have received programs in recent years, so I can understand the inside of the studio well. I'm sure you're working hard to tell us the news and letters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I saw this radio, I remembered the book "Before Tea Time" written 23 years ago. . . . . In this book, I conveyed not only that black tea is delicious, but also that "black tea warms the heart." Was it too peaceful and pursued only "delicious"? When I saw this radio, I remembered my heart that I had forgotten a little. . . . . . . .
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