NHK FM 横浜 :8月2日(火曜日)生放送

NHK FM Yokohama: Live broadcast on Tuesday, August 2

"Takeshi Isobuchi's Twilight Tea" August 2 (Tuesday) Live Broadcast NHK FM Yokohama ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sri Lanka tour... NHK FM Yokohama "Takeshi Isobuchi's Twilight Tea" will be broadcast live on August 2nd from 5:05 pm to 45:00 pm on the first Tuesday of every month. . . . . . The theme of this time is "Tea to prevent summer fatigue"... Along with the introduction of the Sri Lanka tour the other day, how is tea useful in Sri Lanka? I will talk about the theme of whether tea is effective. We are looking for letters from everyone... We will introduce you on the program. Please! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ NHK Yokohama: FAX 045-212-4887
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