NHK あさイチ 「恋する雑貨スペシャル」放送されました。

NHK Asaichi "Koi Suru Miscellaneous Goods Special" was broadcast.

From 8:15 this morning , NHK Asaichi "Koi Suru Miscellaneous Goods Special" was broadcast live in areas other than the Kanto, Tokai, and Kinki regions. I'm sorry for those who couldn't see it.

It is said that Isobuchi took the first train in the rain and headed for the broadcasting station.

The program introduces a traditional British afternoon tea and a new afternoon tea tailored to modern health consciousness .

The scones used home made baked in Dimbula before broadcasting.
We have prepared two types of scones for the program: normal-sized scones and health-conscious bite-sized scones.

Bite-sized scones are about 3 centimeters in diameter and height when baked. It was quite difficult to pull out the dough with a small mold and mold it.

It seems that the performers were able to eat scones after the program ended.

In the afternoon, Isobuchi continued with the Kirin Afternoon Tea Seminar at Tokyo Kaikan.

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