NHK BS1  「ほっと@アジア」・・・・紅茶の番組

NHK BS1 "Hot@Asia" ・・・ Tea program

Every Monday in June (4 times) NHK Educational "Extreme": Tea ~~~~~~~~~~~~ I was working in Fujisawa yesterday too, but I didn't have time to blog. . We have a lot of meetings in the morning, and in the afternoon, NHK BS1 "Hotto@Asia" is planning a tea program. It was that meeting. Currently, I'm working on a program for NHK Educational Television's "Extreme" (Tea) in which Mr. Tanaka from Anchors will appear. I'm glad that there are many topics about tea. Tsuyoshi will come from Nippon Television to talk about tea. Good thing! As stories, episodes, and delicious stories about tea spread, the number of fans will increase, and the tea market will become brighter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From June 1st, there will be a tea plantation and a factory in the mountains of Fujian Province, so I will visit them. However, I am looking forward to making a comparison with Japanese black tea. I would be happy if it could be reflected in the program.
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