MOS茶園学校支援  No.3

MOS Tea Plantation School Support No.3

MOS tea plantation school support No.3

"The tea we make

our pride"

This is the slogan displayed at Moss' affiliated tea gardens.

"The tea we make is our pride"

This was reflected in the consciousness of the tea pickers.

The quality of the finished tea depends on the state of the freshly picked leaves.

It has a big impact on quality.

Randomly take out the fresh leaves picked by the tea picker,

One core two leaves, one core three leaves,

Leaves without buds, hard leaves such as fish leaves,

leaves only,

I will divide it into

Take out 100 pieces for each shape and calculate the percentage.

The highest quality is Excellent (one core and two leaves) 85%

The best is BEST LEAF (one core three leaves) 65%



The condition of this day was to say BEST LEAF.

If the fresh leaves picked by the tea picker are in poor condition, no matter how hard you try to make the tea,

I can't make good tea.

I'm doing this kind of check to get you to have that awareness.

Tea begins when it touches the hands of the tea pickers

Tea making has already started.

20 kg per person a day, it's a tough job.

But there was a bright laughter in the tea garden.

Because the children are happy to go to school.


Sunday Tea Time October 21st (Sun) December 16th (Sun)

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