Message from LONDON

Message from London

The warm days continue this week. I hope it stays warm, but don't let your guard down. Everyone please be careful not to catch a cold. Yesterday, Isobuchi received an email from London. It is from Mr. and Mrs. Matsumoto, who I also accompanied on the Sri Lanka tour in 2007. We are both studying in London. It's already been a year and a half since he left Japan, but he seems to be enjoying Dimbula's black tea as always♪ Isobuchi-sensei and all the staff It seems that the cold days are still continuing in Japan, how are you doing? It's cold in London, of course (laughs), but I can feel the approach of spring in the strength of the sunshine on a sunny day. Since the other day, I've been working part-time in the kitchen of a certain sushi restaurant. A Sri Lankan youth is working. It seems that he was born in London, but he is quite fluent in Japanese and is an excellent young man. Working side by side with him, I can feel the wind of Sri Lanka, and I feel an indescribable sense of nostalgia. By the way, last Sunday, Mr. Kondo came to London instead of going to Tokyo, and I was able to meet him for the first time this year. Together with Mr. Fujii, who was a short-term exchange student at the same school as her. (Mr. Fujii has finished studying abroad.) Once all these members are together, we have already decided where we will go. tea house in london Tea house! First of all, thank you for attaching the photo of that time. . . The two people in front are Mr. and Mrs. Matsumoto This year's Sri Lanka tour will be the only tour in July. A brochure is currently being prepared. We will inform you as soon as it is completed, but if you are interested, please let us know. T.Isobuti Company Co., Ltd. Telephone 0466-24-4649
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