NHK TV 「あさイチ」・・・12月6日木曜日・紅茶

NHK TV "Asaichi" ... Thursday, December 6, tea

NHK TV "Asaichi" Tea December 6 (Thursday) On December 6th (Thursday), NHKTV's "Asaichi" program (live broadcast) will feature black tea. . . The theme is "afternoon tea", but we are planning to inform you of various latest information such as not only traditional afternoon tea, but also popular tea food in a casual atmosphere and diet. I just went to Scotland and London in June. I would like to prepare a fun story. This is afternoon tea at a hotel in London, traditional. "Asaichi" is a live program, so I get up early this year (worried) and enter the studio. I'm nervous about waking up early... . Please watch it, it's the last TV appearance of the year!
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