JR East "Otona no Kyujitsu Club" February issue・Japan's northernmost black tea

JR East "Otona no Kyujitsu Club" February issue Niigata/Murakami/Japan's northernmost black tea This is the February issue of JR East's "Adult Holiday Club" published on the 25th of this month. I went to Niigata Murakami, the northernmost tea producing area in Japan. . . . . . . It was a cold rain mixed with sleet, but when I entered the tea garden, the setting sun was shining. A little impressed! Native species of tea tree, then tea is made. Indescribably deep and full-bodied black tea, not in Sri Lanka or India, but in the northernmost region of Japan. It is said that the wind and snow blowing from the Sea of ​​Japan also pile up in this tea garden. Withstand it and sprout again in spring. Black tea covered in snow: Murakami's "Snow Country Black Tea". Tea food comes with tea,,,. In Murakami, there were many delicious Japanese sweets, salmon, Murakami beef, and other delicious things that I couldn't live without tea. . . I want to go again!
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