Recruitment of foster parents

It's been three days since I started preparing to move.

Various things came out of the warehouse and drawers and it was overflowing with things (laughs)

Today's bargain was a lot of things that made me go, like Sri Lankan cookies about 16 years ago.

↑↑2014 cookies

In the midst of all this, I came across things that were too wasteful to throw away, so as the title suggests, I would like to recruit foster parents from the tea specialty shop Dimbura.

Part 1. The chicken at the entrance of the tea specialty store Dimbura is limited to the first person who can come to the store to pick it up!

(2) Elephant cushion covers 45 x 45 cm are available in large quantities!

This is also the one who can come directly to the shop!

The price is fine! Thank you for coming to the store by the 20th (*´∇`*)

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