Tea leaf arrival schedule and package design change

It seems that the tea leaves will arrive from Sri Lanka this time as planned. I got a call from a customs broker (*゚▽゚*)

However, when I think about it carefully, the new corona has delayed the reopening by about 4 months (--;)

It's on schedule, albeit late (laughs).

The schedule is undecided, but the tea leaves will arrive at the store around the end of this month.

So it looks like we will finally be able to reopen next month (^O^)

In addition, the package of the tea specialty store Dimbula has changed to make a fresh start. I think the customers who bought Dimbula tea in April know this.

The usual elephant mark will not change (´∀`*)

And you can use it without replacing the tea leaves with other containers. This package will stand! And it has a chuck. It became very convenient (laughs).

My first tea import was a struggle thanks to corona. I might cry when the tea arrives at the new shop.

It will be a funny story later.

The staff is suddenly very busy and preparing. We will inform you when the opening date is decided.

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