Relationship between tea leaves and weather

During our trip to Sri Lanka's black tea factories, we learned that even in the same tea plantation, the weather on the day the tea leaves were picked can change the flavor.

Rain or fog will result in unsatisfactory tea leaves.

It is said that even if there is fog in the tea fields in the morning, delicious tea can be made when the sun is out.

I thought that tea is alive!

This time, during my stay in Sri Lanka, it was sunny all the time.

Quality season tea is exceptionally delicious! Even when I put it in a strong flavor during the tasting, the flavor spreads in my mouth.

I was able to get some delicious tea leaves (*´∇`*)

It's a deep blue sky.

We are planning to sell it before and after the shop reopens (〃^▽^〃)

I'll do my best to prepare!

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