It is the arrival of the first fresh tea from the tea specialty store Dimbura!

It has been a while!

I fell down a little and hit my head down (TT)

The long-awaited tea leaves have arrived from Sri Lanka.

When I first started importing tea leaves, I started from scratch and didn't know what to do.

However, I persistently visited seniors who run tea specialty shops and import tea leaves on their own, and spent a long time teaching me. We apologize for the inconvenience m(__)m

And finally the tea I imported by myself arrived at the store.

It was really too difficult for me to hear technical terms for the first time, customs clearance, Sri Lanka Tea Bureau and auctions.

My father seemed to do it easily, so I wonder if I would have had such a hard time if I inherited it as it was. Oh my God, I was weak.

However, at the Enoshima Branch of "Tea Specialty Shop Dimbura", I wanted to use tea leaves that I thought were delicious without being controlled by anyone, so I had no choice but to do my best ^^;

After tasting the new tea that arrived at the shop, I sent the tea leaves to the factory. I'm getting a bag packed.

This time, Dimbula tea and Ruhuna tea are specially made at the factory with imported tea leaves.

Dimbula and Nuwara Eliya are of the quality season and have a grinning taste and aroma.

Ruhuna tea has a sweet honey scent. After it cools down, the scent of honey will double.

There is no bitterness in candy. I think it's easy to use for fruit tea and arrangement tea.

We have not sold candy tea leaves for a long time, and we apologize for the inconvenience. It hasn't been released since September last year.

From now on, I don't think I'll sell tea leaves that are too unconvincing.

It's almost time to open!

I was able to reach this point thanks to the support from seniors and customers at the tea specialty store, and the efforts of all the staff. Thank you.

Thank you for your continued support (´∀`*)

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