Where are the tea leaves from Dimbura, a tea specialty store?

I didn't expect the impact of the new coronavirus to spread so far.

The renewed “Tea Specialty Shop Dimbura” was also scheduled to open in late March.

Japan also had self-restraint, but Sri Lanka had a stricter curfew than Japan.

The shipment of tea leaves was delayed, so it was supposed to be put on an airmail. Then, another plane flew, but it was too small to carry the tea leaves (>人<;)

There are also infected people in Sri Lanka, so I don't know when the plane will fly, so I asked them to find a surface mail, and the ship left Sri Lanka yesterday!

Since it's a ship, it will take some time, but the tea leaves are finally heading to Japan (´∀`*)

Normally, it will arrive in Japan in about 20 days. I hope so...

You can easily enjoy both black and milk

[Masala Tea] 50g is on sale from today.

It's getting hot and humid, so please put sugar in the chai and drink it to recharge your energy ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶

* There was a mistake in the price of masala tea at the online shop! I'm sorry that the price is too high!

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