New tea information from the window of the tea shop Dimbula

I was at the shop from the morning, but it turned into the evening in no time.

When I looked out the door, the sunset was very beautiful (*´ー`*)

We decorated the new store by ourselves. It looks like an amateur (laughs)

I'll show you a sneak peek.

This is a picture of when I went to Sri Lanka when I was 4 years old. It seems that he liked coconut and drank it.

If you look closely, you can see that he was a brazen child who had a coconut and drank it comfortably (laughs).

I put a picture taken by my father and a picture when I went there in February this time!

a! I was informed that the new tea information would arrive in Japan around the 24th of this month if it goes as planned.

I hope you arrive safely without incident.

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