To my father's thoughts,

Good evening

Every time my father opened his mouth, I went to say hello to someone who had appeared in many books!

here it is

It's James Taylor.

I went early in the morning because I was visiting a grave!

In my heart, I told him in Japanese that my father respected me so much and that I was indebted to him while I was alive. I regret a little that I can't speak Japanese...

I didn't have time to say it again, so I thought that my father would be an interpreter for James Taylor, and that they would be having fun together (*´∇`*)

Thanks to the two of you watching over me, this trip was blessed with fine weather!

I understand a little bit of my father's feelings of wanting to go back to Japan, mixed with his feelings of wanting to go back to Japan and his feelings of not wanting to go back.

Sri Lanka is a good country.

A Japanese flag was displayed at a certain tea factory. I thought that I would like to cherish and drink tea in Japan without wasting it.

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