I took it upon myself to have it installed

A carpenter came in today, so I asked him to attach this large retro "scale" from near the ceiling of Dimbura's store (*´-`)

At the Fujisawa store, it was in the place where tea leaves were sold by weight.

The interior of the new store is not yet finished. It's messy (laughs).

When the Fujisawa store closed, it should have been discarded, so why are there still so many things I don't need (...?)

My waist and arms are already in tatters because I fight with cardboard every day, lol

When will it be finished ƪ(?⌣?)ʃ

What I've noticed in the past few days is that I'm surprised that there is no place to store it in the store!

I'll do my best from tomorrow (*^▽^*)

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