The nostalgic interior in the store,

Good evening

New information about the new store!

How finally that bench seat came into the store (laughs)

↓↓ A bench seat is attached to the wall.

The walls are still painted and it's quiet, but the interiors that were used in Dimbura before are coming in one after another!

I don't think there is much new interior.

By the time the entire store is complete, I think that green signboard will be on the front (〃^▽^〃)

It will take time, but

I'd like to open it soon, but... (--;)

The toilet will arrive soon! !

Chinese can you hear me? !

I spend every day feeling like that (laughs).

The coronavirus is spreading explosively, but I gargle with black tea to prevent other viruses and colds every time I come home!

I don't know if it works for coronavirus (laughs)

Please try gargling with black tea! It makes my mouth feel cleaner than when I gargle normally (*´∇`*)

I hope this worst situation will disappear soon, but I also started university late (--;)

I read the contradictory email from the university while thinking that it would be nice if summer vacation didn't start late (laughs).

well, that aside

The package for fresh tea has also arrived, so I'm starting to put a sticker on it with the staff.

The package will also change, but the logo of the tea specialty store Dimbura and the elephant mark will not change (*´-`)

See you later ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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