precious waffle

Good evening

Suddenly, the tea specialty store Dimbula is a specialty store of tea and waffles.

After coming to Sri Lanka, I understood why my father chose waffles!

Every hotel has waffles for breakfast.

At first, my father was in a hotel in Sri Lanka! That's what you thought. .

I wonder if the combination of waffles and black tea, a novel sweet in Japan, won my father's heart (*´∇`*)

Served with seasonal fruit jam, it was so delicious!

Of course, we also had tea together!

A sweet waffle and a refreshing black tea.

I didn't pay attention to tea and scones, tea and sandwiches, etc., but the first thing that caught my eye was waffles!

My father is really amazing (〃^▽^〃)

From now on, we will make it a tea and waffle shop at the new store.

Since coming to Sri Lanka, tea and waffles have become more important

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