Lili is also excited to receive a big Kyoho grape!

This morning, I received a wonderful gift from my father's former student, Taika's master!

I had a call last night about something else, but...

I didn't say anything at the time

I was surprised when I came to the store in the morning (゚O゚)

Very splendid Kyoho Fujiminori!

Take a picture with Lili-chan (〃^▽^〃)

Lili-chan! ? That was the system (laughs).

I was so excited that I flew away! It's a big gigantic peak.

The grains are big and the impact of the appearance when floating on the sherpatty is amazing, which is also surprising! !

I'm worried about whether it will float properly!

Just like how it looks, the taste and aroma are so sweet and mellow that you will be enchanted (*^。^*)

The last day of August is gorgeous Kyoho grapes and Sherpatties!

Thank you so much master! !

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