This year's Uva tea quality season

The long-awaited quality season did not come this year in the Uva region of Sri Lanka due to heavy rains.

We have been in contact with Sri Lanka many times and waited for the quality season of Uva, but it turned out to be a disappointment.

I received a message from Sri Lanka saying, "There is no year like this. It won't come up at auction. It's a big deal."

I feel lonely, but I think that the tea factory in Sri Lanka has also been in trouble.

I realized that it is a tea that nature makes.

Will Dimbra, a tea specialty store, import Uva tea after the weather in Sri Lanka recovers a little more? Or we are investigating whether to import tea leaves in a new region close to Uva where the weather is good. what will happen... hm

Anyway, I would like to taste a lot of tea leaves and decide!

At times like this, I hope that I can meet something new. What is tea leaves ... ^^;

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