About Dimbura published in Figaro Japon

Figaro Japon, released on June 20th, featured "Dimbula" from the tea specialty store Dimbula.

Yes! This is a high-quality season Dimbula tea that will be in stock next week.

I did a good search and found it posted here.

Thank you very much (´∀`*)

I would like to write a little about the tea leaves of Dimbura, a tea specialty store in the future.

My father has already passed away and is not here, so T^T

Until now, my father, Takeshi Isobuchi, was running the tea shop Dimbula and the company. For that reason, we used tea leaves that were imported by the company, but since the management changed, we will rely on our own taste and go to Sri Lanka by ourselves to import only the tea leaves that we are satisfied with.

The tea leaves for this time, Dimbula and Ruhuna, were specially made at my favorite tea factory.

At the end of the month, the new tea, which was delayed due to the influence of corona, will be delivered, so please take care of it (〃^▽^〃)

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