Nice Grand Hotel in Nuwara Eliya

In Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka, we stayed at the Ground Hotel. (February 2020)

Even before I arrive, I'm most looking forward to the food at the Ground Hotel! I was excited and entered the restaurant.

The ceiling is also antique and beautiful.

I was so excited.

It's a large and nice restaurant. The live band performance is also somewhat atmospheric.

First of all, toast with meat and wine!

The moment I did, the nervousness began. When I looked around, it was all Chinese people who were a hot topic at that time. The Sri Lankan guide who was guiding me changed his complexion and said, "Let's eat quickly and go back to our room. Quickly."

I just stuffed my mouth with meat and quickly returned to my room.

I felt like crying (/ _ ; )

I didn't know the taste of the food I was looking forward to.

The new coronavirus broke out in China, and Sri Lanka was under tight security.

However, for some reason, there were many Chinese in Nuwara Eliya, and people from other countries were also glancing at us.

I felt sorry for the Chinese people too.

The next morning, we decided to have it on the terrace.

It's Nuwara Eliya tea, not coffee. Sri Lanka has hard water, so it goes black.

It was delicious~(=´∀`)

Recently, due to the influence of corona, there are no cars, so the air is clear and the scenery of the ground hotel is beautiful, so he sent me a picture (*´∀`*)

The weather was nice and the flowers were in full bloom, so I thought I'd like to go there at this time of year!

The room I stayed in looked like this.

I'd like to go again when the corona calms down worldwide (*^▽^*)

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