Anoda, my favorite street vendor in Sri Lanka

Good evening

I talked about the fruit I ate in Sri Lanka yesterday!

Today I'm going to talk about my favorite fruit!

At the end of yesterday, he said he loves the fruit called rambutan.

What is Rambutan

The surroundings are red and fluffy, and the inside and taste are like lychee fruit!

Well, I couldn't eat this time (laughs)

This time I was able to eat in Sri Lanka, there is a shop like this shop between the mountain roads.

I found it there! My favorite fruit "Annoda" that I ate when I was little! !

The guide bought it and peeled it off!

The skin is green and does not look like a fruit at first glance.

The inside is like a durian, but the taste is sweet and sour and refreshing, and it tastes a little like a lactic acid drink like Calpis (*´∇`*)

This is a fruit that I want to eat all the time, and I wonder why it is not in Japan.

You can eat as many as you like!

Next time I go to Sri Lanka, I want to enjoy both Rambutan and Annoda (^-^)

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