delicious fruits of sri lanka

Good evening!

When I went to Sri Lanka, I ate a lot of fruits every day.

I heard that eating papaya is good for your health, so I ate a lot every time.

Passion fruit is too sour, so I discovered that it tastes better when you eat it with plenty of sugar!

The fruits of Sri Lanka were irresistibly delicious.

I also found yogurt made from water buffalo milk in the place where the fruit is placed, so I tried it!

It is eaten with syrup made from palm sugar called Jagari (*´∇`*)

It seems that this yogurt uses a disposable vessel.

I love Sri Lankan fruit, rambutan, but this time I was told that it was out of season and I couldn't eat it (laughs).

Another favorite fruit! I was able to eat the fruit!

I will talk about that tomorrow (〃^▽^〃)

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