Sri Lankan Tea and Today's Situation

We have some bad news from Sri Lanka. The other day, there were 0 coronaviruses, and I was happy to start moving from the 22nd. However, it seems that the corona virus infected will come out again and start moving from the 27th.

It was clear where the infected came from. It seems that it is from a family of 10 who went on a trip to India.

So I heard from Sri Lanka that it's okay, but it seems that the arrival of the tea leaves from Dimbula, a tea specialty store, will be a little late.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

I was cleaning up the store of the relocation again today. I was able to see my father's photo after a long time, so I decorated it with an elephant (*゚▽゚*)

It's good to decorate it, but it's a bit like perspective lol

While waiting for the tea from Sri Lanka, I will work hard to organize the store and polish the metal (´∀`*)

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