Beautiful photos from Kandy, Sri Lanka

Spring in Sri Lanka is so beautiful.

Today, Sri Lanka sent us a picture of the beautiful city of Kandy.

Photo? Isn't it tea? Please don't poke me (p_-)

He called me to say that flowers like cherry blossoms were blooming and it was beautiful.

What is it like? (laughs)

This is called May Flower but botanical name is Tabebuia Rosea.


Haa~ Beautiful~!

"Sri Lanka has a curfew, so the air is clean. That's why I sent you a picture," he said.

↑The tree on the right in this photo is very square. . I was more worried about that than the flower lol

It seems that the sky is more beautiful now than that. He said that the air wasn't polluted because the car wasn't running.

I would like to go to Sri Lanka in the spring and take a walk in such a beautiful city.

I hope I can go next year~(=´∀`)

Well then, please take care of the new coronavirus!

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