Sri Lanka [Goal] city and hotel

Every hotel in Sri Lanka was wonderful, but the city of Galle has become a tourist spot and there were many general stores and cafes.

I walked around the shopping street along the coast.

One thing that interested me when I went to Sri Lanka is the architecture.

I saw many buildings with white walls. It still has a British feel to it.

I also found a grocery store that I had researched in Japan and wanted to visit. There were a lot of stylish shows, but I couldn't buy them because they were too expensive. Prices in Sri Lanka are almost the same as in Japan.

There were also miscellaneous goods that looked familiar (laughs)

This is the garden that you can see from your hotel room.

Enchanted by the sunset from the hotel lobby (*´꒳`*)

The blue that I like for the interior of the room is effective and tension rises.

I also tried eating outside. While listening to the sound of the waves at the goal, I was able to spend a wonderful time that I cannot experience in Japan.

Breakfast was buffet-style, but had tea give a service. Of course it's milk tea wherever you go.

After going to Sri Lanka, I learned that milk tea tastes better with sugar.

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