silver chip secret

Good evening

Have you ever heard of a type of tea leaf called silver tip?

It is the core part of the sprout.

Before I went to Sri Lanka, I thought that silver chips could be harvested from any tea tree.

↑↑(Foreground) Silver chip tea tree,

(Back) Ordinary tea tree

I learned that you can only get silver chips from different types of tea plants!

Ordinary tea trees have bright green leaves, but the tea trees from which silver chips are harvested are deep green with a hint of purple.

Here are the freshly harvested silver chips↓↓

There were downy hairs around the buds!

I was allowed to taste only silver chips!

Here it is ↓↓

The color and taste were light, but when I put it in my mouth, it was very thick and very mellow! !

I understand the reason why it is precious and expensive because the amount that can be harvested at one time is small (〃 ^ ▽ ^ 〃)

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