city ​​of colombo


Yesterday, February 3rd, I came back from Galle to Colombo.

After arriving in Colombo, I went to a spice shop and bought a lot of spices!

I found that the good ones and the not so good ones had completely different scents and colors!

Of course, I bought a good one for the new tea shop Dimbura (*´∇`*)

For dinner, I went to "KINJOU", a Chinese restaurant where my father is the only one in Sri Lanka where he can eat his favorite shrimp!

Shrimp Chili 🦐

One photo in front of the shop 📸

Today, February 4th, is Independence Day, so I'm relaxing at the hotel in the morning (〃^▽^〃)

Then again ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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