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Good evening

Early in the morning today, I went to see the tea auction held in Colombo!

The auction was like Tsukiji in Japan, and the speed was so fast that I couldn't hear the type of tea, the name of the factory, the price, etc. (゚;)

Photos were not allowed inside the auction hall, so the outside of the building...

It was my first time going to an auction, so I didn't understand anything and it was kind of gibberish, but I thought that someday I'd like to be able to instruct the price next to the broker (*´∇`*)

I was at the auction for about 30 minutes.

On the way to Kandy, my father also had milk tea at the resting place he visits during the tour!

I'm going to visit two tea factories in Kandy first thing in the morning tomorrow!

See you tomorrow ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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