my name is lili

My name is "Lili".

Brought to me from Sri Lanka.

I was wearing a dress with the logo mark color of the tea specialty store Dimbura, so I got on the plane and came to Enoshima!

The name Lili is the same as the Nyanko from Taika's house. It feels like there is something in common between Nyanko and Lili the elephant (Bimajo)

about me?

We became a family in February of this year. Lili, a rescue cat, is 3 years old and 3 kg. Please don't reveal your weight! I'm embarrassed.

This is a counter seat where you can see the outside. I like to stare at the scenery in a daze!

You can see Katase-Enoshima Station!

Lily's style is surprisingly outstanding. Look look!

Are your legs thin and long?

When the tea specialty shop Dimbura is open, there is a reserved seat for me, so please try to find where I am~!

I hope everyone is having a good time (*'▽'*)

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