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Good evening

Today, April 1st, we have started selling "Dimbula" fresh tea!

We have to deliver even a small amount of high-quality seasonal Dimbula tea leaves to everyone! I forgot to tell you about the new tea leaves (--;)

The Uva I purchased in February this time is not in high quality season, so the taste is not much different from the Uva I purchased in September last time, but I put it in February this year.

We only put a small amount of this Uva, so we will have a limited quantity.

The next Uba I plan to purchase will be filled with new tea made in July and August, which is the high quality season (〃 ^ ▽ ^ 〃)

As with Shincha Dimbula, Uva is limited to two 100g packs.

Sorry for being careless!

I hope you have a wonderful tea time (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)

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