Incredible taste of fruit

Good evening

The fruit I ate in Sri Lanka was not only delicious (laughs)

↑↑ I added a red circle, but this is a fruit called "Wood Apple".

There are various ways to eat it, such as eating it raw or making it into jam.

The jam had a slightly sweet and sour taste like regular apple jam, but...

When I ate it raw, when I bit into the astringent persimmon, the astringent taste attacked my mouth.

I think it's better not to eat it raw!

↑↑It is a fruit called "rose apple".

It looks red and looks delicious, but it has a crunchy texture and tastes like celery with a weaker taste.

It seems that even the locals have different likes and dislikes for rose apples.

The guide kept telling me that it wasn't delicious at all and that I should stop eating it (laughs).

My curiosity got the better of me, and the guide laughed at me.

I was surprised that even tropical fruits can be so tasteless or astringent.

Basically, there are many delicious things, but there are such things, so if you are interested, please try it when you go to Sri Lanka (laughs)

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