Finally, the letters on the tent of Dimbura, a tea specialty store, have been renewed.

Since the renewal opening, I found the letters on the tent of the tea shop Dimbura blown away by the wind and stuck them with instant glue. I used it for a long time (^◇^;)

A customer introduced me to [Subaru Koubou], who came to take measurements two weeks ago.

The customer couldn't see it either (laughs).

Yesterday, the letters on the tent finally became so beautiful! (°▽°)

Subaru Kobo even fixed the tent with strings to prevent it from rolling up.

Up until now, when I consulted with her, she only told me to fix it with something, but Subaru Koubou noticed and fixed it (*´-`)

Really kind and grateful!

I made all the characters and the logo mark. I also changed the paste.

Hope it works for another 10 years!

[Subaru Koubou] is from here!


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