Since it's the equinoctial week, we're making ohagi and scones.

Since it's the equinoctial week, I made ohagi, my father's favorite.

I always remember saying ohagi ohagi. Ohagi and tea go well together! I smiled and stuffed my mouth full.

I feel like I don't meet Nuwara Eliya. So, I was actually thinking of a ohagi and Nuwara Eliya menu for the equinoctial week set. However, I was only making scones, and the ohagi was ready in the evening (laughs).

I hope we can have a set menu for the equinox again someday. Subtle naming (≧∇≦)

It was over with just offering (-。-;

must have been delicious...

And today's sunset seen from the window of the tea shop Dimbula. As winter approaches, the number of days with beautiful sunsets increases. It's a very relaxing time.

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