grandma's daffodils


A week has passed since the 40th anniversary event started (*^-^*)

Thank you all for coming to our store!

This morning, the daffodils that my father looked forward to every year bloomed in the garden! Here it is ↓↓

I heard that when my father was an elementary school student, he didn't like it when grandma wrapped daffodils in newspapers and said, "Take them to school." He said, "Because I'm a boy!" However, when I was little, my father used to tell me to bring the blooming daffodils to school (´∀` )

This daffodil was my father's mother's (my grandmother's) daffodil, and she got the bulbs from her aunt in Shikoku about 20 years ago.

After all, my father liked this narcissus (;'∀')

I felt that the end of the year has come again this year.

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