1 more week...


Five days have already passed since we welcomed 2020.

In one week, the tea specialty store Dimbura will be temporarily closed.

I feel frustrated and lonely that I have to leave this place, but I will tell you the proper reason next time (*^-^*)

In the month since we announced the temporary closure, customers who have been coming to us for a long time have been coming to the tea specialty shop Dimbura every day, not only for meals, but also for tea and my father's books. The love for this Fujisawa store has been transmitted.

There are many customers who are asking about the reason for the temporary closure and the location of the new store, but I will answer them one by one after the temporary closure, so please wait for a while (^^)/

Since the end of last year, I have been quietly selling out-of-print books by my father, Takeshi Isobuchi, on display in the store.

I placed it with the feeling that I would like to give it to someone who will cherish what my father wrote.

If you are interested, please take a look!

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