While polishing a 40-year-old samovar

It is a dark brown samovar with no shine, only the lid is polished first. It is made of copper.

A samovar is a metal container for boiling water. It is used when brewing tea.

It didn't come off easily with a metal polisher, so I polished it with a metal scrubbing brush and water.

It was surprisingly uneven and difficult to polish (...;)

My father used to put small items in this samovar when it was the Kamakura store Dimbura (laughs).

It was placed on the top of the shelf at Fujisawa Dimbula, so there may be people who have never seen it before.

I'm going to put it in a place where everyone can see it in the next new store! Where should I put it~(*´∀`*)

I'm going to discuss how to decorate miscellaneous goods with the designer tomorrow! !

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