20kg Dimbula tea leaves that arrived in February have been sold out.

Ladies and gentlemen, how are you doing in the declaration of emergency due to the new corona virus?

Today, Dimbura tea leaves that arrived in February are sold out.

We have a few more Uva tea in February and Ruhuna in September.

Our new Earl Gray tea bags are now in production at our factory. It's almost time to reach the new store.

Oh... I called Sri Lanka in the evening, where there is no Dimbra anymore and there is a curfew.

It seems that it will be able to move around the 22nd, so when I got on the plane, I was able to hear a bright voice.


It seems that Sri Lanka's thorough curfew did not go out for nearly a month, but thanks to that, it seems that the number of infected people has been suppressed to 0.

I hope people in Japan don't go out no matter how good the weather is. In Enoshima, today too, I was amazed at the amount of people and road traffic jams (--;)

I want to open a new store soon.

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