NHK Yokohama Broadcasting has moved to the Kanagawa Arts Center!

Next Tuesday "NHK Yokohama FM Takeshi Isobuchi's Twilight Tea" is a new studio! Moved to Kanagawa Art Museum NHK Yokohama FM "Takeshi Isobuchi's Twilight Tea" will be broadcast once a month from 6:05 pm to 45:00 pm on Tuesday next week. The theme of this time is "Christmas and Tea"... We will deliver the latest information on Christmas in England, food, Christmas tea you can make yourself, and more. It's a new studio from this time, I haven't seen it yet, but it's very beautiful, and I wonder if customers will come...? Please come and visit us when it airs in January! Please everyone! Please fax me a letter about tea! We will introduce you in the program on the day of the day! FAX 045-212-4887 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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