NHK FM横浜・・昨日はたくさんのお便りいただきました

NHK FM Yokohama... We received a lot of letters yesterday.

NHK FM Yokohama "Takeshi Isobuchi's Twilight Tea" From 6:05 pm to 45:00 pm on the first Tuesday of every month, NHK FM Yokohama (81.9MHz) broadcasts a tea program "Takeshi Isobuchi's Twilight Tea" increase. Yesterday was just that day. Thank you very much for all your letters. I was very happy to hear from people who learned about it from this blog, not from the Kanto area, but from Shikoku. . Mr. Nishida, the personality, was also surprised to receive it from Shikoku!・・・・ It was a lot of fun, and yesterday was a particularly exciting broadcast. . . As expected, the power of the customer is tremendous. . Yesterday, we were talking about tea utensils, and here is a picture of the Motspoon introduced in it. . . This later developed into a tea strainer. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please send me another letter: FAX No.045-212-4887 (NHK Yokohama) moat spoon
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