Notice of NHK FM Yokohama tea program

Next Tuesday (June 4th) NHK FM Yokohama Live broadcast from 6:00 pm to 45:00 pm! ~~~~~~~~~~~ About afternoon tea and high tea... Next week, June 4th (Tuesday), Takeshi Isobuchi's "Twilight Tea" (4 times a year) will be broadcast live. It's the usual "NHK FM Yokohama". 6:00 p.m. to 4:45 p.m. The theme this time is about British afternoon tea and high tea. The difference between the two names, culture, customs, food and tea... I would like to have a fun talk with new information. . New tea is also included, and the first flush of Darjeeling has arrived from the day before yesterday, so please enjoy the British tea culture. .
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