NHK総合TV 「いっと6けん」 紅茶で防ぐインフルエンザ対策

NHK General TV "Itto 6 Ken" Influenza measures to prevent with tea

It aired today! NHK General TV "Itto 6 Ken" Influenza measures to prevent with tea (Photo courtesy of NHK's website) I was wondering if there might be a live broadcast of the Diet session, but today, NHK General TV "Itto 6 Ken" and "Prevention of Influenza with Tea" will be broadcast at 11:30 a.m. It aired from the minute. At that time, I was appearing on a live program on Hokuriku Radio (appearing on the phone), so I was only able to watch it for a few minutes after the end of the TV program. I saw the article by Mr. Katsuta, the reporter. I'm glad it aired safely! The experiment in which catechins in black tea inactivate the influenza virus is a theme that Professor Shimamura, who appeared today, has been researching for many years. The other day, I had an hour with the teacher to teach me again about the mechanism of tea catechins and viruses. Tea is amazing~ February 17th is "Dimbula's Sunday Tea Time". At that time, I would like to talk about what I heard from Professor Shimamura. In addition, before my trip to Assam, India in February, I will talk about the theme of this year's tea story, "People who gave tea" at Sunday tea time. This story of "the people who gave tea" will be divided into two parts, in February and April (April after returning to Japan). . . . In 2013, we will develop the story of tea with the theme of the road (Yunnan, Burma, Assam) where tea was introduced. . . In fact, Yunnan is said to be the birthplace of influenza. Tea seems to be associated with legends. . . . Sunday tea time,, look forward to it!
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