I'm going

good morning.

Today, February 1st, I'm going to Sri Lanka on a direct flight around 11:00!

It's the second time I've been there (laughs).

I don't remember much, but I actually went there once with my family when I was in kindergarten.

At that time, it felt like my father was on his way to see Sri Lanka's President Kumaratunga!

I only have memories of riding elephants with my father and eating local fruits.

This is the first time since I can remember, and I've seen and experienced with my own eyes many times that my father wants to go again and again (*´∇`*)

There is no fear or anxiety about going abroad, there is only curiosity!

The reason for going to Sri Lanka this time is of course to buy tea! To put out at the new store!

See, feel and experience for yourself!

I'm going to have fun for 11 days and go while preventing coronavirus (〃 ^ ▽ ^ 〃)

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